National Epicureans Incorporated - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!



The National Epicureans, Incorporated formerly known as the “Epicureans,” was organized in 1944 in Richmond, Virginia by a group of young women who had been high school and college friends. The Richmond Epicureans applied for a charter on March 28, 1951 and became the National Epicureans, Incorporated. The charter was issued by the state of Virginia in February 13, 1952. The overall purpose of this organization is to inspire its members to a high moral, intellectual, social, and civic standing and to that end, it shall have the power to promote and sponsor social, cultural, literary, and charitable affairs.


The colors of the National Epicureans, Incorporated are ebony and ivory.


The flower of the National Epicureans, Incorporated is the red rose.


The motto of the National Epicureans, Incorporated is “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”


Epicureans the Greek has taught us
That life can be so meaningful yet gay
This the whole world should know
And it’s our aim to show
That happiness is ours each day.
So we eat, drink, and be merry
Sans fear, care or ennui.
Epicureans we are,
Epicureans we’ll be
From here to eternity.
Words and Music by Mamie Crawford and Jean Coxe Washington 1961

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