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Welcome to the National Epicureans, Incorporated

Welcome to the new National Epicureans, Incorporated website. It has been redesigned to incorporate information about our founders, our history, our officers and the history for each chapter. I want to extend a warm greeting to each of you. As president of National Epicureans, Incorporated, I am honored and privileged to serve as your leader. I would like to salute all of you for always being on point and keeping our chapters vibrant. I am extremely humble to have the opportunity to address you in this capacity as your National President. The support, enthusiasm, and contribution of your time and assistance have not gone unnoticed – it means more than words can express. I appreciate your overwhelming support. As you know, Sickle Cell is our National Project and we shall continue to have a positive impact in our communities with our time and donations to assist in the eradication of this disease. Our mission is to be of service to all mankind. We are committed to working diligently to encourage high civic and social standards, to foster unity and above all, friendship. As we continue to honor our Founders and their dream of everlasting friendship, let us strive for excellence, uplift and amplify our sisterhood, National Epicureans Incorporated. Over the next two years, I look forward to working with you and to serve our communities and to make a difference in the lives of everyone we touch. Let us continue to move into the future with the ideals of our Organization as a guide; and, remember we are Eppie Sisters by choice. May we always agree to disagree; but, in the end we are all Epicureans, so Let us Eat, Drink and always be Merry!

Welcome to the website of National Epicureans, Incorporated please enjoy it!!!
Sisterly, Kathy Tanner

Message from the Founders We write with hearts filled with wonder and love.

Fourteen friends forever…now the dynamic 359 Members
What a legacy!!!

We thank you for making our teenage dream come true.

Remembering, we recall many fun filled social and philanthropic activities, both home and abroad “Including the chartering of our own airplane”!

As we continue to grow and establish new friendships, we must be mindful of our beginning, for the bedrock of our magnificent sisterhood is friendship.

Togetherness and friendship bonds us together on our journey down life’s pathways.

Epicureans we are, Epicureans we shall be, Epicureans is our way of life.

With friendship and sisterly love,
Eddie, Thelma and Ellalee


Founder Eddie Patrick

Founder Thelma Robinson

Founder Ellalee Flowers

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