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Wilmington Chapter

History of Wilmington, Delaware Chapter

The Wilmington, Delaware chapter was installed on March 10, 1979. The chapter was the vision of Mildred Whaley. Mildred had been a member of the Hampton-Newport News Chapter before moving to Delaware. When she was in the company of her close friends, she constantly mentioned the "Epicureans" and the word seemed to be synonymous with merriment, sharing of good times, close friendships and involvement in various activities. Finally, her friends asked her how a chapter could be started here in Wilmington. The process began and the Hampton-Newport News Chapter agreed to sponsor the new chapter. For many years Mildred remained in the chapter even though she was moved to Weber, Utah. She stayed in touch with members and was active through the Internet. The charter members were Atlanta T. Brown, Claudette B. Evans, Regena J. Manley, Gwendolyn R. Neal, Cynthia E. Oates, M. Louis Spaulding, Mildred Whaley, Helen B. Wharton, Bernice White-Manning, and Estella M. White. Their Eppos were very supportive and happy to be involved when asked to do so.

Supporting the National Sickle Cell Anemia project is the prime civic focus for the chapter. Annual contributions are made locally to the DuPont Hospital for children, through the Pearls of Hope Foundation (the charitable arm of Zeta Omega Chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority), for care of patients with Sickle Cell Anemia and for research in the field. In October 2011, the chapter co-sponsored, with the Pearls of Hope Foundation, a memorial 5K Run/Walk, given in memory of our beloved Eppie Regena J. Manley. The proceeds from this activity are used to provide scholarships for worthy students through the Pearls of Hope Foundation. We have been involved in hands-on activities by preparing breakfast for small children in the "Breakfast with Santa" and "Breakfast with the Easter Bunny" programs at the North Church street location of the Christina Cultural Arts Center. The CCAC, which provides cultural activities in drama, art and music primarily for children and young adults, was the recipient of the National Award at the 1987 Conclave held in Wilmington, Delaware.

Members of the chapter have always enjoyed traveling. Many Wilmington members went to Spain in 1982s with members of other Epicurean chapters. In 1999 Wilmington Eppies, Eppos and friends took a trip for 15 days to Hawaii, spending time on each of four islands including the big island Hawaii - Kona and Hilo, Oahu - Honolulu, Maui and Kawai.

Of the ten charter members, four are still very active, three inactive and three deceased. The chapter currently consists of twenty members. We meet monthly to Eat, Drink and Be Merry. Our founders, both national and local are honored each February and each summer we have an activity that includes Eppos and guest.

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