National Epicureans Incorporated - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Washington D.C. Chapter

History of Washgington D.C. Chapter

The National Epicureans, Incorporated had its beginning as a single organization in Richmond, VA in 1944. It was started by a group of young women who wanted to maintain friendships that had begun in high school and college.

By 1951, interest in the club in other cities prompted the group to apply for a charter, and it became known as National Epicureans, Inc. In 1952, the Washington, D.C. Chapter originated as the third chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc. The chapter dissolved in 1971 and was reactivated in 1972, as the second Washington, D.C. Chapter, by the Willene J. Gaines, Ruth J. Fields, K. Elizabeth J. Campbell, Mary B. Chandler (deceased) and Katherine W. Cole (deceased).

During the active years of our Chapter, we have been proud to sponsor the Dayton, OH and Chicago, IL Chapters to the Epicurean sisterhood.

The Chapter Charter members are:
Gracie L. Beasley (relocated); Annye C. Blackmon (deceased); Mae C. Bolden (deceased); Lucille W. Brown (deceased); Madlene W. Cisco; Myrtle N. Clark (deceased); Vinna V. Freeman; Alvanette C. jones (resigned); Elizabeth R. Lee (resigned); Barbara L. Lucas; O. Mae J. Plummer (deceased); Jacquelyn P. Shaw; Josephine H. Teague (resigned); Thelma L. Watkins (deceased); and Elizabeth C. Yancey (resigned).

Current Members are as Follows:
Helen J. Baker, Andrena B. Blake, Virginia Byrd, Peggy G. Carr, Elizabeth Clark-Lewis, Gail W. Cooper, Vinna L. Freeman, Yvonne V. Garner, Carmelita Grady, Violet P. Graham, B. Kaye Hayes, Linda M. Hunter, Mary M. Jackson, Carolyn B. Johnson, Barbara L. Lucas, Sheila D. Marshall, Lolita J. Martin, Sheila Y. McKinney, Shaune Powell, Jacquelyn P. Shaw, and Kathy E. Tanner

Emeritus Members:
K. Elizabeth J. Campbell
Madlene Cisco

Life Member:
Gwendolyn F. Smith

Members who have served as National Officers are as follows:
Vinna Freeman - National President
Beatrice Smith (deceased) - National President
Carolyn R. Johnson - National President
Jacqueline P. Shaw - National Treasurer
Myrtle Clark - National Treasurer
Kathy E. Tanner - National Treasurer, National VP, National President

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