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Sickle Cell Atlanta Chapter

We continue to make our donation to the Sickle Cell Foundation in support of sending young patients to Camp New Hope during the summer.

Sickle Cell Baltimore Chapter

Baltimore Epicureans contributed to the Maryland Sickle Cell Disease Association.

Sickle Cell Charlotte Chapter

Under the leadership of our Project Committee Chair, Eppie Genevieve Brown, an advocate and champion for Sickle Cell Anemia, rallied Eppies far in advance of the Sickle Cell walk. The Eppies and others from the community to volunteer to walk in a 5K ("Race for The Cure") to raise funds for the Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation. The chapter has bonded with the Piedmont Health Services and Sickle Cell Agency. The chapter assisted with the annual Christmas Party and have made plans to do more with Sickle Cell and the community.

Sickle Cell Columbia Chapter

The Columbia Epicureans contributed $300.00 to Howard County Sickle Cell Foundation under the direction of Mr. & Mrs. Derek Robinson. Mr. & Mrs. Robinson were our keynote speakers at our luncheon educating the community and school system on the causes and effects of sickle cell on adults and students helping to raise awareness on this disease.

Sickle Cell Danville Chapter

The presentation of $200.00 was donated to the local Sickle Cell Anemia chapter at the annual banquet.

Sickle Cell Decatur Chapter

"The heart of a volunteer is never measured in size but by the depth of the commitment to make a difference in the lives of others"
Holding fast to this quote, we could increase our monetary contribution, volunteer, and participate in events hosted by the local and national foundation of Sickle Cell. We sponsored fifteen children for the annual Sickle Cell Camp. Several members of the chapter served as Greeters and Guides for 45" National Sickle Cell Conference held in Atlanta. They met several beneficiaries of the foundation and met the National Director for the Sickle Cell Disease Foundation.

Sickle Cell Durham Chapter

We continue to support Bridges Pointe, Inc. the local Sickle Cell organization donating $600.00 of financial support. Sickle Cell Awareness Month, we attended the breakfast and learned additional information regarding people in the Durham area.

We sponsored and volunteered in December at the Sickle Cell "Spa" day and Christmas Party for Sickle Cell patients.

Sickle Cell Elizabeth City Chapter

Helping to support a local high student, Kelvin Brown who underwent a stem cell transplant at Duke. The chapter will sponsor another fundraiser to support Kelvin.

Sickle Cell Greensboro Chapter

The chapter made its regular donation to the Piedmont Health Service and the chapter is planning a fundraising activity for the Sickle Cell Awareness Project.

Sickle Cell Henrico Chapter

The Henrico Chapter hosted a Garden Tea Party and donated to The Florence Neal Cooper Smith Sickle Cell Professorship. Dr. Florence Neal Cooper Smith was present to receive the donation

Sickle Cell Norfolk Chapter

Eppie Alyce Robinson participated in the Sickle Cell Walkathon at Norfolk State University. She attended a special reception for partners of the Sickle Cell Foundation. The chapter made its annual donation to the local agency. A sickle Cell Anemia Scholarship of $500.00 was presented to Mauriya Yancey who is afflicted with the disease and is a student at Virginia State University. Mauriya will receive this annual scholarship for four years to help defray the cost of textbooks, etc.

Sickle Cell Petersburg Chapter

Last year, the Petersburg Chapter of National Epicureans, Inc. partnered with the Sickle Cell Association of Richmond, Ladies of Elegance, Inc. and Sickle Cell Bike Committee to support the Ninth Annual Unity Ride for Sickle Cell Anemia. For the past nine years, this has been a signature event in the community with hundreds of bikers coming from all over the United States to ascend upon Petersburg, VA. Riders donate $25.00 per bike to travel the 23 miles from Petersburg to Richmond for sickle cell. Last year, over three hundred bikers made the trip and were accompanied by State Police and community organizers. Chapter members were on hand to assist with registering bikers at the Petersburg Health Department, origination site. Members were also present to welcome bikers as they arrived at their destination, Second Baptist Church in Richmond. The chapter donated and handed out water to the hundreds of riders upon their arrival. This exciting event was covered by local television and radio media. It culminated with a dinner program featuring area celebrities, including Icon Florence Neal Cooper Smith, along with sickle cell patients with the disease. Dr. Smith was recognized for her trailblazing work in bringing awareness to sickle cell illnesses both regionally and nationally. After her efforts, all newborns in Virginia are screened at birth for sickle cell. The Petersburg Chapter is committed to supporting Dr. Smith's ongoing work with sickle research and donate to her professorship's goal to raise one million dollars at the Medical College of VA.

Sickle Cell Raleigh Chapter

The chapter supports the Wake County Sickle Anemia Support Group, participating in group meeting, providing and serving dinner to the clients. The Chapter gives a monetary donation used to help the client as well as the families. The Chapter members participated in health fairs distributing information about Sickle Cell. A member of the support group was nominated as a child ambassador on the national level for SCDAA.

Sickle Cell Portsmouth Chapter

It is with great enthusiasm that the Portsmouth Chapter of National Epicureans, Incorporated announces our annual $300.00 donation to the Florence Neal Cooper Smith Sickle Cell Research Initiative. This initiative, through the Medical College of Virginia, will aid in developing better methods of treatment, assist in care management and help in continuous research. The Portsmouth Chapter is grateful for the opportunity to share our good news with the National Chapter of Epicureans, Incorporated.

Sickle Cell Washington DC Chapter

The Washington, DC Chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc. sent $700.00 as its annual donation to the Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease. The Washington, DC Chapter of the National Epicureans recognizes that the Howard University Center for Sickle Cell Disease continuously addresses the needs of patients and families affected by sickle cell disease. Since 1971, Howard University's Sickle Cell Disease Center has provided diagnosis, treatment, and long-term health management for persons with sickle cell disorders and their families. Our donation helps The Howard University Sickle Cell Disease Center provide services, advise, and instruct persons with sickle cell disease. The Washington, DC Chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc. also acknowledges the many ways Howard University's Sickle Cell Disease Center is involved in the next generation of sickle cell disease treatment and research.

Sickle Cell Wilmington Chapter

The chapter made its annual contribution to the Al Duport Hospital for children. Our gift will support Sickle Cell Research & Education.

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