National Epicureans Incorporated - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Richmond Chapter

History of Richmond Chapter

Founding Members
In 1944, a group of young woman residing in Richmond, VA who had been high school and college friends formed a club. The founders of the Richmond club were:
Mary Hewlett Brown, Elsie Taylor Brown, Thelma Johnson Hall, Ruby Ellis Mitchell, Eddie Nicholson Patrick
Throughout the years, the group changed as its members moved to various parts of the country. In order to keep old friendships alive and make new friends, it was suggested by Bernice Davis Winston and agreed upon by the group that a National organization be formed.

On March 28, 1951, the Richmond Epicureans applied for a charter and became National Epicureans, Inc. The charter was issued by State of Virginia on February 13, 1952.
The purpose of this organization is to promote the social, cultural, literacy, civic, moral and benevolent interests and welfare of its members.

The founders were charter members of the National Epicureans: Helen Sampson Brooks, Elsie Taylor Brown, Florence Perkins Dagner, Themla Gilliam Fields, Ellalee Fountain Flowers, Ollie B. Gee, Thelma Johnson Hall, Ruby Ellis Mitchell, Eddie Nicholson Patrick, Grace Blackwell Perkins, Gwendolyn Dawson Robbins, Thelma Mealey Robinson, Bernice Davis Winston, Alberta Howell Tyson.

These young woman selected the name Epicurean with the meaning, "Eat, Drink and Be Merry". This name was suggested by Thelma Johnson hall.

Pictured to the right our deceased founders: Eppies Elsie Taylor Brown and Thelma Gilliam Fields. Founders residing in Richmond are Eppies Thelma Mealey Robinson, Eddie Nicholson Patrick and Ellalee Fountain

The Epicurean Story
A Tale of Friendship

The city...Richmond, Virginia... the year... 1944... best friends in high school and college pals decided to form a club. They named the club Epicureans, depicting their motto, "Eat, Drink and Be Merry". Their colors...ebony, ivory and their flower the red rose.

Through the years, the group changed as the friends moved to various parts of the country...And so it was... In an effort to maintain their friendships, and make new friends; the club became a national organization. The club evolved... it became... "The National Epicureans, Incorporated" February 13, 1952. Today there are: 22 chapters, yearly conclaves, a National Project, a National Choir, a website and chapters continue to induct many, many new, young, members.

The Founders' principals (etched so long ago) remain the guiding force of National Epicureans. The sisterhood continues to promote: Social, cultural, literary, civic, moral, benevolent interests and the welfare of its members. Chapters across the nation are constantly engaged in numerous civic and social activities i.e.: working with the Sickle Cell Foundation, providing for the needy, the homeless, the elderly, as well as advocating volunteers for various women's and children's groups.

...Turn the pages... enjoy the... atmosphere of celebration... As together... we journey down memory lane, reflecting on our glorious history... A history that is under girded and steeped in eternal friendship and sisterly love.

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