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Raleigh Chapter

History of Raleigh Chapter

Raleigh Chapter National Epicureans, Incorporated, formerly known as 'Les Charmantelles", was officially inducted into the national body on April 6, 1979.

The Les Charmantelles was organized on June 1, 1977, when eight energetic women met at the suggestion of Ruth Hinton to form a social group. The meeting was held at the home of Joan M. Spencer. The group elected the following officers: president - Joan Spencer: Vice President -

Emma Jane Muse; Secretary - Omeata Jackson; Assistant Secretary - Mable Wright; Treasurer -Anna Heartley; Sergeant -at-Arms - Doris Strickland; Parliamentarian - Ruth Hinton; Publicity - Phyllis Etheridge.

On August 10, 1977, the Les Charmantelles applied for membership with National Epicureans, Incorporated. With Thelma Lee as sponsor and members of the Durham Chapter guiding the group, eleven members were inducted as Raleigh Chapter of National Epicureans, Incorporated, at the John Yancey Hotel on Saturday, April 7, 1979.

Chapter members and officers were as follows: President - Joan M. Spencer; Vice President - Emma Jane Muse; Secretary - Omeata Jackson; Corresponding Secretary - Mable Wright; Treasurer - Carolyn Johnson; Parliamentarian- Ruth Hinton; Journalist- Doris Strickland Phyllis; Phyllis Ethridge, Bertha Farris, Jeannie Vee Jefferson, and Marjorie Niles.

Chapter presidents between 1979 and 2013 were: Joan Spencer, Emma Jane Muse, Ruth Hinton Pierce, Mary Whitley, Enid Patterson, Sharon McMillian, Carolyn Chippey, Doris Strickland, Ethel Deloris Rose and Patricia Glover.

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