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Portsmouth Chapter

History of Portsmouth Chapter

What better way to predict the future than to take a look into the past and objectively examine the present. Here we are relating a brief history of our organization for the purpose of preserving our past for posterity and building a stronger chapter for the future.

After visiting some friends and relatives in Richmond, VA., Evelyn Wall called a group of young ladies together, eleven to be exact, and asked if they would be interested in organizing a chapter of Epicureans in Portsmouth. They readily agreed to organize a chapter, with Evelyn as the "Pilot".

The chapter members were as follows: Mesdames Evelyn Wall, President; Hattie Durant, Vice President; Leontine Byas Wynn, Corresponding Secretary; Annabelle Booth, Recording Secretary; Bernice Brown, Financial Secretary; Arlene Hale, Treasurer; Delcenia H. Gholson, Parliamentarian; and Pearl Martin, Reporter. Other members were Mesdames Elizabeth DeLoatch, Helen Owens, and Dorothy Brown. The group was organized in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Durant May 17, 1952, on elm Avenue. This was the fourth chapter of Epicureans to be organized.

Mrs. Ruby Mitchell, the founder of the Epicureans, and the national president officiated at the ceremony assisted by Misses Thelma Johnson and Thelma Mealy, and the remaining members of the Richmond Chapter with their husbands as our guests.

The Portsmouth Chapter held its gala installation banquet in the private dining room of the "Chicken Kitchen", Great Bridge, VA., with their husbands and guests. Being in a festive mood everyone attending enjoyed the afternoon.

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