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Henrico Chapter

History of Henrico Chapter

In the Fall of 2011 during one of her visits to the Tidewater area, Gail Atkins was invited to a social gathering of the Norfolk Chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc at the home of Eppie Eunice Sample. Gail welcomed the opportunity to attend since both her mother, Eleanor Griffin, and sister, Alyce Robinson, were members of the Chapter. She was heartened by the gracious and generous hospitality of the members, and impressed by the club's motto of "Eat, Drink and Be Merry". She was also intrigued that over 60 years ago a group of women established a national organization that celebrated lasting friendship and created a legacy of sisterly love.

Encouraged by the Norfolk Chapter and inspired by the hope of forming a chapter of the organization, Gail gathered a group of nine women who shared her desire to aspire to the purpose of the Epicureans. On June 2, 2012 after two "Meet & Greet" luncheons, she hosted the first meeting of what became the "Women of Seasons Social Club". The club was so named because the women were of varying ages -- thus in varying "seasons" of their lives. The members believed that each "season" offers fresh and vital insights for those who appreciate the distinct differences in individuals.

The members of the Women of Seasons Social Club effortlessly and seamlessly formed a bond that continued to strengthen. The succeeding months were spent nurturing that bond with regular monthly meetings, creative social activities, group outings, fundraising activities, family gatherings and community service.

After being accepted as a new chapter in June, 2013, we eagerly anticipated our induction into the National Epicureans, Inc. The patient leadership of National President Eppie Beverly Holsey, the encouragement of National Vice-President Eppie Carolyn Gardner and the nurturing support of our sponsors, the Norfolk Chapter and Chapter President Eleanor Brown, guided us throughout the process. On March 8, 2014, the "Women of Seasons Social Club" was inducted as the Henrico Chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc. Past National President, Eppie Carolyn Rudd-Johnson presided over the program and National President, Eppie Beverly Holsey and National Vice-President Eppie Carolyn Gardner conducted the ceremony. Over fifty Eppies and Eppos representing various Chapters joined in the celebration, and we received many expressions of kindness and encouragement from all the other chapters throughout the organization.

Our Chapter continues to honor the legacy of friendship and sisterly love inspired by the Founders.

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