National Epicureans Incorporated - Eat, Drink, and Be Merry!

Danville Chapter

History of Danville

In 1951, Eppie Eddie Nicholson Patrick moved to Danville, after marrying a Danvillian, and decided to form a chapter in Danville, VA after leaving Richmond, VA.
In the spring of 1951, the Richmond, Virginia Chapter sponsored the second chapter of the National Epicureans, Inc. The chapter was officially formed as the Danville Chapter National Epicureans, Inc., and the installation of the charted members occurred on May 19, 1951.

The representatives of the installing chapter were:

  - Ruby Mitchell - President, Richmond, VA Chapter
 - Thelma Robinson
 - Elsie Brown

The founder and charter members of the Danville Chapter National Epicureans, Inc. were:

 - Eddie Nicholson Patrick - Founder
 - Nora Hardy Turner
 - Helen Tate Harvey
 - Lessie Wiggins Yancey
 - Fannie Cain Owens*
 - Beatrice Fairbult Swanson
 - Hortense Richardson
 - Evelyn Fisher
 - Wilmouth Claiborne Davis
 - Mabel Beavers
 - Lavenia Penn
 - Evangeline Darity
 *Last remaining charter member

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