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Charlotte Chapter

History of Charlotte Chapter

In 1965, Lena B. Sammons dreamed long and hard of being a part of a prestigious social club. This "Social Bug" continued to haunt Lena and the urge became more paramount in her daily thoughts. It was when Lena visited with the Durham Chapter of Epicureans that she became more determined to actualize her Epicurean dream. The first plan of action would be, to bring together a core of classy, creative, fun-loving and intellectual young women. Lena encouraged six of her co-workers from York Road High School and nineteen other friends to attend the initial organizational meeting of "Social Clubbers" with Lena as president.

Several months passed and the social group set its sights on the club's ultimate goal - securing a sponsor and qualifying as bona fide members of National Epicureans, Inc, The Durham Chapter Epicureans honored them by accepting the sponsorship challenge.

In 1966, Lena M. Sammons was named Founder and First President of the Charlotte Chapter of National Epicureans. This outstanding leader successfully guided these Charter members:
Genevieve Brown, *Vivian Chambers, *Vivian Collins, June Gilliard, Mattie Grigsby,
*Mildred Grigsby, Ann McNair, Gloria C. Mumford, *Juanita Reid, *Grace Stevenson,
*Virginia Wakefield, Juanita White, *Lena M. Sammons, President

The Eppie membership soon increased to twenty as newly inducted members were added to the roster. Through the years that followed, other qualified presidents stepped up to the podium, took the gavel and encouraged the group to forge ahead for 52 challenging, glorious and wonderful years being Epicureans.

During these years of growth and socialization we have hosted three National conclaves and Fall Executive meetings, the most recent being the 2016 Conclave.

Several National officers emerged from this Epicurean chapter of diverse, talented and dedicated ladies: Mattie Grigsby served as President, Dorothy Bratton as Recording Secretary, Genevieve Brown as Parliamentarian, and Treva Pettis as Corresponding Secretary, Recording Secretary and currently Vice President. Eppies from the Charlotte Chapter continue to serve on National Committees.

For 52 years, the Charlotte Eppies and Eppos have made their marks in Epicurean history. The members have vowed to uphold the Epicurean motto during our journey as Epicureans.


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