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Baltimore Chapter

History of Baltimore Chapter

Baltimore, Maryland, 7th Chapter, since October 1954...Sponsoring Chapter: Washington, D.C.

Charter Members:
Phyllis Diggs, founder (deceased) Merita Stokes, founder (deceased)
Dorothy Johnston (active) Barbara Bennett (active)
Gladys Daniels (Emeritus) Sylvia Henry
Elsie Scott (deceased) Doris Wallace (deceased)
Mary Beth McRae Louise Gilliam (deceased)
Elva Edwards (deceased) Claire parker (deceased)
Nikki Randolph Bernadine Harrison (deceased)

Members who have served as national officers:
Phyllis Diggs, National President Merita Stokes, National President
Barbara Bennett, National Treasurer Elva Edwards, National Treasurer
Cheryl Pasteur, National Journalist and National Vice-President

Current Officers:
Cheryl Pasteur, President, Chapter Archivist Shelia Reed, Vice-President
Michelle Landon, Corresponding Secretary Rosa Holly, Recording Secretary
Deborah Gibson, Treasurer Mary Dunnock, Journalist
Barbara Bennett, Chaplain

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